Sunday, March 28, 2010

Feeling kinda lazy

I have been asked questions by friends that have suggested that perhaps I am over training. I gave it some thought and decided to stick to the training plan, although I know I am not athletically adept as my new Triathlete counterparts. I took my rest day on Friday as planned, ran 3.1 miles on Saturday and nothing so far today. After reading that a lot of my New Triathlete Program club members did the Duathlon on Hains Point today which was:
Duathlon - March 28th
Run 3.0 miles - Bike 15.8 miles - Run 3.0 miles = Duathlon

When I first read of the event, I thought, "geez, I am not ready to do THAT". But now after reading that some other beginner Triathletes did it, I'm thinking "I better get on my shyt!!". I want to be able to do that. And since I don't have the level of fitness to do it now, then I have to step it up to get there.

So, to all of you who think that I am over doing it: I hear you. Trust me, I don't want to hurt myself either. I do take rest days and sometimes 2 rest days per week. But I have to step up my game in order to hang with these folks. They are not going to leave me in the dirt . They may beat me out of the water for the swim, but I need to be able to kick azz in the rest of the race. Especially on the bike.

I'm laying low today, as I don't feel 100%. But tomorrow? GAME ON!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Running right on track

So, just when I thought that I was behind with my running in training for my Triathlon, one of the other new Triathletes in training asked the following in our forum:

I was just looking over the newly posted training April training plan and I have a quick question about the running workouts. I noticed that for the most part we're still only doing 1 run a week (longer but still infrequent), and I'm getting nervous about the ever shorten amount of time between now and the race.

 Running is my weakest sport by far and I have worked my way up to doing 15:30 min/miles in Z1-2 and I'm still only going about 2 miles at a time. I am making improvements, for sure, but I wonder if I'm starting so far behind the normal curve of running ability that I won't make enough improvements to run the race in June.

Does the training plan assume a certain base level of running ability? And if so, should I be doing something additional to help my running rather than just the increasingly longer one day a week scheduled runs?

One of the Co-leaders of our New Triathlete Training Program's reply:

First off, we're only 8 weeks into the 20 week program, so you still have plenty of time. Don't start freaking out just yet. :)

Secondly, the plan does not really assume a certain running ability to begin with. The one run a week is building up your base slowly. The cycling is also going to help cross-train you to also develop your running base.

For week 11 of the sprint training plan or week 10 of the Olympic training plan, you will begin to have 2 runs per week. These will slowly begin to ramp up in time and zone as the training plan progresses. So you will definitely begin getting more runs in soon.

I believe this is done because running has the most impact on your body and can do the most damage (unless you fall on your bike or something), so the plan is designed to help build up an athletic and cardio base (swimming, cycling and minimal running) before you really begin to ramp up the running and put a lot more physical stress on your body.

However, if you really feel running is your weakest sport, the training plan is adaptable and you can trade one of the cycling days for an additional running day. But remember to obey the 10% rule for running distances and keep the zone training for the added run equivalent to the other run that occurs in that training week.

Hopefully that helps. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How much is too much?

I have read that one of the toughest things to do while training for a Triathlon is balancing out training for all 3 sports. At our very first training meeting they told us that it is important to:

 #1. be consistent and train 6 days per week
 #2. take a day to fully rest
#3. don't let it take over your life (which is easy to do)

I have definitely done all of the above and some weeks I have taken 2 days to rest.

What I have not been doing is sticking closely to the training schedule, because I feel that I actually need to do more just to able to get to where I should be at this point. For example, if I did not commit to getting into the pool for 3-5 days per week for 6 weeks, I would not be able to swim 10 laps in the pool and keep up with other beginner's in my Tri club. So, while some may think that I have been over training, I had to do what I had to do just to be able to be able to train. And now that I can swim, I still tire easily, so I can't slack off. I need to be able to swim without getting so tired and cover the distance (and maybe even a little bit more than the distance) of the race.

So, the question lies: How much is too much? I know that I probably should not be doing anything physical besides training for the Triathlon and I have decided to give up the extra stuff that I was doing to increase my endurance and get into better shape. I really don't want to risk hurting myself by over training and if I will do anything extra, then perhaps, I will spend more time on the bike as the training club leaders suggest. They really don't suggest adding more running days on, due to the extra pounding on your body. I do have some races coming up and I know that I have to get my lungs conditioned. I have only been running like 1 day a week and I need to increase that to 2-3.

Let's see how I have done so far this week:

Monday Plan: Rest  Actual: 30 min swim class (this was almost like a rest day--she talked a LOT)
Tuesday Plan: Bike 45 Actual: Spin 45 + Swim 30
Wednesday: Plan: Swim 30 Actual: Bike 45 + 30 min swim class
Thursday: Plan: Bike 45 Actual: Ran 30
Friday: Plan: Swim 30 Actual: Rest

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I went to the gym today with the plan to take a 45 minute spin class and a 30 minute swim. The swim was not supposed to be a part of my training plan today, but if I'm already at the gym, why not just hop in the pool?

Well, as I was getting dressed to swim, I thought that it would be nice to swim the distance of the race, which I think is equivalent to 16 laps. Or at least swim what Travel Diva swims (10 laps). I still have to figure out the whole laps thing. Like, is one lap considered getting from one end to the other or is a round trip consider a lap?? Any readers of this, please help me out if you know. So, as I jumped in, I thought, "what the hell, I will shoot to swim 20 laps (10 round trips) and see what I can do in 30 minutes. The primary goal was to never stop while swimming down the lane. Guess what happened yall? Come on.... GUESS!!

I DID IT!!! I FCUKING SWAM 20 LAPS TODAY!! 20 LAPS!!! Now, I did take long breaks when I reached the end and probably hung onto that wall like it was going to save my life, but I made it. And I made it TWENTY times in 30 minutes. Excuse me, but for a chick who could not swim just a few weeks ago, I think that warrants me tooting my own horn. TOOT... TOOT!...! Bowchickawowow.......

Monday, March 22, 2010

Solid as a...

There is one thing that I am not, and that is easily broken. I would like to consider myself solid as a rock, but solid as a St. Joe brick seems more fitting. I am human, so I do get down and a little wimpy at times, but do not be mistaken, ya girl is SOLID.

Today starts my 8th week of training for my Triathlon. 12 weeks to go! This is how much I've trained so far:

Week 1:  3hr 40 min
Week 2: 3hr 30 min
Week  3: 3hr 15min
Week 4: 6hr 30min
Week 5:6hr 30min
Week 6: 6hr
Week 7: 5hr 15min

Most of my training has been swimming. Now I must train harder on the bike and get my running up. I want to kick ass on the bike and finish the 3 miles of running like it is a walk in the park. Running is tough for me and I know that it will be hard after running and swimming, so I want to train to run farther, so the 3 miles won't be so hard.

Here's my training schedule for (this) week 8:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Bike 45min
Wednesday: Swim 30
Thursday: Bike 45
Friday: swim30
Saturday: Run 30
Sunday: 1hour bike + 10 min run

Now, I am a bit of an overachiever and I tend to do a little more, so I will probably do all of this, but do everything for an hour instead of just 30 or 45 minutes... and my rest day will be towards the end of the week. I'm in!! I'm  SOLID and ready to take on the challenge.... LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maybe... maybe not?

I knew that I was starting at a disadvantage because of my lack of swimming abilities. However, what motivated me to even start this journey was the story of a lady who learned to swim in 12 weeks and completed her first Triathlon. I truly believe that I can do anything that I want if I put the work in. There is no doubt in my mind about that. I have been in the pool 3-5 days a week for the last 6 weeks and have made major strides, considering I started at zero. I can now make it across a 25 meter pool without stopping and with a quick break I can swim a 50. I am now learning different strokes and must learn to tread water, but I feel like I still have time. This week, I am taking a little bit of a break, but I will jump right back into it next week. I will continue to train for this Triathlon, but after someone reminded me today of how people drown doing Triathlons and I have spent the last hour reading article after article after article on drowning deaths during Triathlons, I have come to a decision. I will continue to train and work on increasing my swimming ability. I will do as many open water swim clinics as possible to gain the experience of swimming in lakes and rivers prior to the race, but I will make my decision on whether or not I will race closer to the date. Perhaps my test race on May 9th should be wiped off the calendar and I should just train for the June 20th race, which I still have 13 weeks to train for. I want to be a Triathlete, don't get me wrong. But do I want to die trying to to obtain that goal? I don't know if I want to go out like that. The puzzling thing is that so many of the  drowning deaths were with seasoned swimmers and not amateurs, but still. All I said to the person was "Don't discourage me". Perhaps he succeeded? Maybe the person who gave warning today was saving me from myself. Maybe? Maybe not? The decision will be made closer to race day. For now, I will still TRI to be a Triathlete, so I am still Tri Becca. At least for now....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

14 miles and a fall standing still...

So, I ventured out today and went over to Neisha's to join her for a bike ride. Her place is 3.1 miles from mine. I was a nervous wreck about venturing out, but I just took my time and enjoyed the ride. I was surprised at how hilly the roads were in some spots. I completely enjoyed the beautiful day and could have been content with turning around and coming back home once I made it to my destination. This was only my 2nd time riding my new fancy bike and just like the last time, I rode with no falls, until...... I got to my destination. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT??? I was so proud that I made it to my destination, but I was unsure if I should turn right or left at her street. I started to reach for my directions in my pocket (with one foot on the ground and completely stopped, mind you) and then my cell phone started to ring and I got all crazy thinking, "I wonder if she can see me and see that I MADE IT. I know she lives close to the corner!". I got my cell phone and before I could say hello, I went crashing to the ground with my left foot still attached to that dang pedal! How can I fall standing still, AGAIN? *sigh*...

The plan was to ride out to Sligo Creek Trail. It took 2 miles to get there and then the confusion started... we had to keep stopping and waiting for traffic and figure out which was the trail was continuing and uugghh.... After 4 miles, we decided to turn back. In total, we rode 8 miles together and round trip I covered 14 miles. The ride from her house to mine was TOUGH. I didn't remember all of those hills man. The roads in DC are hard to ride a bike on. I had to stop twice and pretend to read my directions again and drink out of an empty water bottle to hide the fact that I was only stooping because I was tired. I am always encouraged by the folks walking down the street and in cars. They say the most encouraging things. This cop was trying to get me to get going again once he noticed that my water bottle was empty. He told me, "girl I should give you a citation for pretending to be drinking something out of that empty bottle. You need to keep pedaling baby, these roads can't beat you. You GOT that hill!"

Now I have to rest these legs and try to run tomorrow... The goal is to run as much of 3 miles as I can. That's the goal.... we'll see how I do.

Venturing out.....

I am about to take my first bike ride through the city to a friend's house before we head out to the Sligo Creek Trail. I am SO..... NERVOUS, but I have to work up the nerve to do this one day! And today is the day. Here's my route in case yall don't hear from me later....

Total distance: 3.1 miles

Time estimate: 19 to 25 mins.

Elevation gain: 212 feet
You've selected the most direct route. Ride the City makes no attempt to steer you toward safer streets with this option. Please ride with care.

1) Ride east on Harvard St NW (about 0.1 miles)

2) Left on Warder St NW (about 0.1 miles)

3) Continue on Warder St NW (about 0.5 miles)

4) Continue on 7th St NW (about 0.1 miles)

5) Left on Randolph St NW (about 495 feet)

6) Right on 8th St NW (about 0.4 miles)

7) Right on Kansas Ave NW (about 0.1 miles)

8) Left on Sherman Cir NW (about 0.1 miles)

9) Right on Kansas Ave NW (about 0.4 miles)

10) Continue on Kansas Ave NW (about 0.2 miles)

11) Slight left on 3rd St NW (about 0.7 miles)

12) Right on Rittenhouse St NW (about 478 feet)

13) Hard left on N Dakota Ave NW (about 205 feet)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Survival strokes

I had my private lesson today and we worked on the finishing touches in perfecting my freestyle stroke (which I think may be the same stroke as the front crawl. I need to figure that out). She asked if I wanted to learn any other strokes today and during my last session with her next week. I told her that I needed to know some survival/oh shit/I'm tired strokes while swimming in the lakes and rivers during my Triathlons. She asked if I knew how to tread water... I had to shamelessly admit that not only did I not know how to tread water, but I didn't even know what it would look like. I had to tell her that I know how to do absolutely nothing besides the freestyle stroke that I just learned. So, we decided that I must learn to side stroke, back stroke, tread water and breast stroke. I think that it's pretty imperative that I know some other things to do, just in case I need to while out there during my races.

Both my private lessons and lovely (insert sarcasm here) group lesson at American University ends next week. I believe that I will continue with another round of private lessons and a group. I signed up for a group at the eastern market pool for group lessons and have an idea of the private instructor that I will go with.

My body is tired from this killer 1 hour spin class today and 1 hour of swimming today. I will try to get out to run or ride my bike tomorrow, weather permitting, before heading to the lovely group swim class at AU. I hope I don't have to bite that instructor's head off this week...

Food diary

I have written down every single thing that I have put into my mouth since February 1st and to be completely honest, I am not happy with myself. And lately with working out so much, I am SO.... hungry that I will eat just about anything! I used to keep a jar of peanut butter in the house and have 2 spoonfuls before a run sometimes, but one night (well, a couple of nights...) when I came home, I was so hungry that I finished off the dang peanut butter while I was cooking dinner!! *sigh* I guess I shouldn't purchase peanut butter anymore. I have to find something that will take care of the ravish hunger that I feel by the time I make it home from the gym. I tell ya, sometimes, I could just eat the whole darn refrigerator! I am more hungry during the day too! I guess my metabolism has really sped up!

The greatest challenge is being on the road all day long. I try to take my water in a 64oz jug with me and my snacks with me. Sometimes, my appointments and days are not conducive to eating lunch out of a lunchbox in my car and I get tired of doing that! I find myself waiting too long to eat sometimes because the choices of things to eat are poor and then I wind up getting a migraine. So what happens is, I wind up eating ANYTHING just so I don't get a headache. And the boredom... I get so tired of salads all the freaking time. That's usually the safe choice when I am out and about. Sometimes I am still hungry after eating them. Places soak their veggies in too much butter, so I stray away from ordering when I'm on the road. Sandwiches you ask? I do try those too.

I will do better starting tomorrow. I have got to figure this whole eating healthy on the road and right after work out thing out!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I must have sipped the syrup!

Were you a Kool Aid kid? If so, what was your favorite flavor?? Mine was red. :)

I must have drank the Triathlon Kool Aid, because I just looked up and 2 hours of my life on this Friday night have slipped past me as I looked up YouTube videos on freestyle swimming and breathing  techniques. I really think that I am on to something with this swimming thing. I feel that my decision to take both private and group lessons was a good one and the dedication to get to the pool 3-5 days a week has definitely helped. I am psyched about being able to do laps now and really believe that if I can just relax in the water and slowly exhale, then I will be able to go continuously and there will be no turning back!! My plan is to be swimming efficiently by the end of the month, so I have 2 more weeks to get this breathing thing down pat. The month of April will be all about working on swimming the required amount of laps to cover the distance of the race and perfecting my technique.

I took yesterday off to rest and today I decided to take another day to gear up for this action packed hard training weekend that I plan to have. I'm feeling rested and ready to go!! It's too bad that it is supposed to rain heavily tomorrow, because that cancels out my plans to run and/or ride my bike outside. I will get to the gym for a spin class and go to swim lessons on Saturday and run and swim on Sunday. What the heck, if the weather clears up, I may ride my bike on Sunday too!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tricked by Travel Diva!

Messing around with Travel Diva, I almost needed some assistance climbing my stairs when I got home tonight! She came over to my gym for a 45 minute spin class and we got in the pool to swim laps for 30 minutes. I told you guys on yesterday that Diva can be a bit hard core, and yep, she proved that to be true in spin class tonight.

I was spinning along, thinking I was doing something and she leans over and tells me to "STOP BOUNCING". This is after the instructor said that if you are bouncing that you need to increase your resistance. See, at the time, I didn't realize that that heffa was probably just trying to get me to increase my resistance so I couldn't walk later. I probably wasn't bouncing, but because she said  that, I cranked the resistance way... up and kept pedaling.... I guess it's my little competitive edge or something, because, I can TAKE a little more extra resistance! What's a little extra resistance?? Uhn... huhn.... My legs felt it when I tried to walk up my stairs when I got home tonight. I had to hold on to rail really tightly and take it one step at a time. I mean, like, get one foot on a step, then both feet on that step... then work on getting to the next step.... that darn Travel Diva tricked me!!!!!!

I think I got her back when we got to the pool though. I was telling her that I have been instructed to freestyle swim with high elbows and encouraging her to swim back and forwards across the lane free styling and not flipping onto her back when she got tired. Yeah... I think she wore herself out, because she was trying to call it quits after just 25 minutes. I managed to talk her into swimming with me for just five more minutes  and I caught her peaking at the clock every 30 seconds. She was talking about swimming with high elbows had her back hurting and her lungs were hurting, and yadda yadda yah.... Hehee.... I wonder what she will feel like tomorrow when she wakes up??

Hey Diva, if you are reading, let me know when you are ready for another workout. BRING ITTT!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I probably smiled and giggled to myself at least 10 times today with thoughts of how I swam the entire length of the pool several times last night. I am ESTATIC at the progress that I have made so far in the pool. I know that I have a long way to go, but I love to celebrate small successes along the way, because that keeps me continually feeling good about the goal that I am working toward. I'm sure to some, it may be a small feat to swim a 25, but to me? It's the world; a great accomplishment. And to be completely honest, that is all that matters to me. How I feel about what I have done, no matter how minuscule it may seem to others, makes me a happier and more committed "wanna be Triathlete". So, with giggles and smiles, I just have to type again: I SWAM ACROSS THE POOL WITHOUT STOPPING MULTIPLE TIMES!  The trick is to do it again on tomorrow and not get so winded while doing so.

Today I ran/walked 3 miles with Adrienne. I like going out with her, because she has a "can't stop won't stop" attitude.  I discovered that I can only really run about 1 to 1.5 miles straight without having to take a break. I don't think that is too bad after starting to run  not long after recovering from a bad case of double pneumonia like a had. I know that the only way to build my lung capacity up again is to work my lungs. 

The plan was to go to the pool today after the run for 30 minutes, but I was feeling quite fatigued. After swimming for an hour on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I thought that my body could use a little break. Plus, the plan for tomorrow is to Spin and Swim with Travel Diva and I could probably stand to rest up before having to hang with that chic (she is a little hard core)! This is supposed to be an easy week on my 20 week Triathlon NTP training schedule, but I really don't feel like I can slack off (although I do need to give my body a chance to recover). ...Off to get cleaned up and get some sleep for a long work day and a hard work out on tomorrow!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby steps

I met up with Neisha at the Takoma Park pool today. We are both learning to swim and seem to have an issue with breathing, so we got together to help each other out. See, the thing is, we have both gotten a lot of instruction and know what we are supposed to be doing, so we were able to critique each other and try some different things to help each other. We identified our problem with getting tired and having to stop as breathing out too forcefully under water and not getting enough air in as a result of that. In addition, we are both kicking way too much (Trudy told me this last week) and we are wearing ourselves out.

I did have make a MAJOR improvement tonight by swimming the entire length of the pool. DID YOU HEAR/READ THAT?? I SWAM THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE POOL and I did it multiple times!! I wish I had counted how many times, but I was too out of breath to even think about keeping track. At one point, Neisha and her friend timed me and it took me 34 seconds to swim 25 meters. At least I was consistent, as it took the same amount of time to swim back across the 25 meter pool (after catching my breath). Although I was out of breath each time I finished swimming a 25, I did it. And it did it over and over!! I am SO proud of myself! Neisha and I along with another wanna be Triathlete committed to meeting at Takoma's pool every Monday evening and we vow to all be Triathletes this year.

Today I took baby steps. Soon I will be swimming laps. Soon and very soon.

Tuesday: Run with Adrienne and swim
Wednesday: Spin and swim with Travel Diva
Thursday: REST

Sunday, March 7, 2010


This was the most beautiful weekend in DC!! I made sure that I got outside for a run near the monuments with Adrienne. It was the perfect day to run minus the exception that I did not intake enough food prior and I had just swam for 1 hour, so my body was TIRED. We still covered the distance and went 3 miles, as planned, but we had to walk more than run back to the starting point. I was simply exhausted! Adrienne has skied for 4 hours that morning, so I don't think that she minded us walking back. She was the perfect running mate and didn't make me feel like I screwed up her run or gave me a hard time about stopping our run short. At least our walk back was a power walk.

Now stopping while swimming?? That's a different story altogether. On Saturday, I got to the pool to practice for 30 minutes before my private lesson, since it had been a few days since I was in the pool. My instructor took me  10 minutes early, so I ended up with 40 minutes of instruction, which was great. She is patient and takes the time to explain why she is telling me to do things. I have some techniques to practice this week and I left feeling pretty positive. Today was the group lesson at American University. There has apparently been some sort of shake up and we didn't have our usual coach today. This coach helps to run the Masters Program and is kinda hard core. We worked on drills and at the end we did some pace swimming. The first lap was good, because it was slow at our comfortable pace. I took my time, relaxed and breathed and made it across the pool without stopping ( I was so proud!!!). However, the pressure to get back and the rest of the increased timed drills didn't go so well. When I was forced to go fast my breathing got all screwed up and I had to keep stopping to breathe and get it together.

After the last timed drill, the instructor told me, "YOU CAN'T KEEP STOPPING. One day you will be in a river and you won't be able to feel the bottom , so you won't be able to stop". Now, those that know me and know how HARD and MUCH I have been practicing, can correctly guess that the following interchange was less than positive... My response? " I don't WANT to keep stopping, but when I'm forced to go fast, I get all twisted up with my breathing and so I have to stop to get it together". Her reply: Well, you have to practice at the pool bobbing your head up and down out  of the water and practice breathing". That's when I lost it... I told her, "I practice. I am at the pool FIVE DAYS a week. I just started learning to swim 1 month ago. I'm sure all of these people didn't learn how to breathe and freestyle with perfect form in 1 month. I'm working on it, but if I don't have my breathing down just yet, swimming for time is not where I am, but I do practice!!!". I was a little more than perturbed. That's why I joined a beginners group, but these folks are not beginners. I did learn that some of these folks have taken this same class before. Let's just say, that I won't be taking her class again.

"Is the bike okay?"

Today the DC Tri Club NTP (New Triathlon Program) group got together for a bike ride at Hains Point. This was my first time taking my bike outside since purchasing it a week ago. As soon as I worked up the nerve to get going, it wasn't before long that I was screaming, "I'M RIDING A BIKE!!!!!!". I am sure that others within listening distance must have thought that I was 5 years old all over again, but this was a huge accomplishment. I had not been on a bike in over 20 years and this one was expensive (so I didn't want to crash and hurt the bike) and it has clipless pedals, which I had not previously used.

In total I rode for 9.6 miles and didn't fall not once.... until I got to my car. I was feeling all proud of myself for doing so well with my clipless pedals the first time and had made it back to my car with no falls. I unclipped my right foot, but for some reason, my brain told me to lean to the left, which was still clipped in and WIPE OUT..... There were 2 guys in the parking lot at the time and they both asked, "is the bike okay?!".

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I am energized by this movement that I have seemed to create! I didn't even mean  to influence or inspire anyone when I started. Travel Diva signed up for an indoor Triathlon at her gym today and even though she speaks as though she despises getting into the pool except to help me, she swam laps today. LAPS!! And she timed herself! I think that sounds like a girl who is inspired and competitive. What do you guys think?? And Robin also signed up for a mini Tri, Dawn has committed to doing a Tri with me this summer, Gladys and Pier are both training to run their first race this year and I think that I am the common denominator. That's pretty darn cool if you ask me.

On top of all that I had someone write to me for my opinion on a swimming product that I mentioned and someone else asked if I wanted this blog to be featured on the official new Washington,DC Triathlon facebook page. These are all big things for me. Big things that have energized me. I was frustrated with my swimming the other day, or lack thereof, and flirted with the idea of quitting. No sooner than I posted, I received a call from Dawn and the calls kept coming. Calls to give me more tips and most commonly the suggestion was to just take a break.Well, I purposefully took a break for one day and then for 2 more days, and now I am feeling like a bum about it. I am fully rested, not frustrated anymore and ready to implement all of the changes and techniques.

Saturday: 30 minute swim lesson, 30 minute swim practice and 3 mile run with Adrienne on the National mall.
Sunday: bike ride with the DC Tri Club NTP (New Triathlon Program) group and a group swim lesson at American University.

I plan to write with full details of my great time in the pool. I'm trying to speak it into existence here and stay energized. WHOOSSSAAAA......

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Randoms of a wanna be Triathlete

My breakthrough  on yesterday came in the form of a break. I decided to attend a bike maintenance class and actually realized that I should only bike ride with men who will change my tires if I get a flat, because that junk is hard and will damage a fresh manicure...

I am SO excited about riding my new bike on Sunday! I'm just a little nervous about the clip on pedals...

I didn't swim for 2 days and will be tired as hell by the time I can even think of stepping into a gym tomorrow...

I have the BEST friends and supporters of my journey to become a Triathlete. If some of them didn't write and call me on yesterday and today, I probably would have quit...

I can't wait to go running on the National Mall with Adrienne on Saturday afternoon. Running again is such an accomplishment for me after everything that I've been through...

I wish the people who posted comments anonymously on this blog would let me know who they are. Comments really do keep me going and I want to know who's talking to me...

I can see some definition in my legs from spinning class!

I had to tighten my heart rate monitor strap. Could I possibly have lost an inch or two??

I don't have time to get my breathing down pat before my next swimming lessons. That unnerves me. So, I will HAVE to get to the gym tomorrow night, which sucks after being on the road for 6 hours and getting up at 5am!

I think that Travel Diva will be a Triathlete this year too! I saw the desire in her eyes today! I even told her that I would train with her at the pool. How funny is that??

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I need a break through!

I am starting to want to pull out my hair out in frustration with myself. I know what the issue is and I am trying to resolve it and I haven't yet. Everyday I realize more and more what the problems are and it seems like I am constantly trying to fix myself instead of getting to the point where I am perfecting something. I need to be at the point where I am perfecting something!! Last night, I realized that not only am I not breathing like several people have pointed out to me, but I am completely FREAKING OUT. I am now starting to breathe out under water. I tried breathing out through my nose like Travel Diva and my private swim instructor taught me and breathing out through my mouth like the group swim instructor and Trudy taught me. I was committed last night to just breathe out under water. Not swim... just breathe. I realized that I am BLOWING out all my air quickly and very hard and so when I raise my head for air, I just can't get enough, because I have maxed out the amount of air that I am blowing out. I want to swim slow and suave like some of those other chics do in the pool!

I have GOT to relax! Should I take in some yoga classes? Oh where oh where would I find the time? This Triathlon stuff has taken over my life! I am not going to quit, although I sure feel like it today. I am committed today to going to the gym and running for 30minutes on the treadmill (it's cold, windy and rainy and I cancelled my outdoor run with Adrienne) and I will spend 30 minutes in the pool trying to make it across the pool swimming in a very slow breathing, relaxed way and not stopping. That's the goal for today. I hope to reach the goal. Although, quitting seems a lot less painful than pulling my hair out and I am on the brink of doing so. Please, please, PLEASE let me have a break through today. PLEASE!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blowing bubbles

Excuse my language, but why ain't nobody tell me???? My friend Trudy spent some time at the pool with me today and she helped me get over a major hurdle. She told me that she breathes out her mouth the whole time and SHE NEVER HOLDS HER BREATH WHILE SWIMMING! I thought I had to hold my breath! I know that Travel Diva and my swim instructor told me to blow bubbles out my nose, but that ain't easy for everybody, hell... So, last night when the instructor for the group lesson at American University noticed that my technique was good, but I was swimming all stiff and stuff and she noticed it was because I wasn't breathing, she told me to breathe out my mouth under the water. I thought she was trying to KILL me. I was like, REALLY??? She must have thought I was crazy. Then, Trudy confirmed tonight. Trudy swims like Travel Diva, all smooth and easy and stuff. I guess it's because them heffas be breathing the whole time and I am trying to hold my breath and breathe out my nose and I am a better mouth breather under the water.

So, now that I know that I have to constant breathe OUT under the water and raise my head out of the water to take a breath IN. I have to practice that. Trudy gave me some good techniques to practice. I have lots to practice before I join Travel Diva at her fabulous gym again on Thursday. I wanna make her proud of me when we get together. I want to be able to swim some laps together on Thursday and have all this other simple stuff down.

So, if you're reading, Travel Diva, eat your Wheaties and be ready to swim some laps on Thursday baby, because I am going to be a bubble blowing, breathing under water, swimming sista come Thursday... well, I hope to be. I need prayer yall.