Sunday, January 31, 2010

Long line, Brick & Lesson

Today's workout went off as planned. I got to the gym at 1:30 and there was a line out of the door. It reminded me of my clubbin' days!! I did 20 minutes on the stationary bike and immediately jogged on the treadmill for 10 minutes with a 1.0 incline.  That's what they call a Brick workout in the Triathlon world (bike and then run). My pace was pretty slow on the treadmill, but I didn't stop. I really have no idea how fast I should be pedaling on that bike... I gotta figure that out.

My swim lesson went pretty cool. This instructor is pretty far our in Arlington, so I was thinking about only doing one lesson with her, but she is GOOD. She started where my last instructor started and since I had that base down tight, we continued on. She showed me a cool trick to be able to swim for a longer time without having to hold my breath! I have to practice that. I like how she gets IN the water with you. My last instructor just told you what to do from the sidelines, but this chic is all up in the water with me, so it's cool. Pretty soon, I will be swimming like this chic!


I am excited/nervous about today's swim lesson! I hope I like the instructor. I'm sure that I won't like her as much as the last instructor that gave me my first 2 lessons, but I understand that his schedule can't accommodate me anymore for free lessons (what a pity).

I don't know if I am extra type A, extra nervous or what, but it appears that everyone is a bit too relaxed about how much time I have to get ready for this first Triathlon. It's May 9th and I feel like time is SHORT. The Tri Unify beginners program doesn't even start until February 15th. The assumptions are that you can run for 15 minutes, bike for 30 minutes and swim for 50 yards nonstop. They told me to not worry if I don't have the swimming down. I can do all of that (except the swimming) but it's HARD. So, I will get a jump start by starting the Tri DC plan today but amping it up due to my early race.

Today's workout plan: 20 minute bike, 10 minute treadmill and swim lesson.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What are the chances?

What are the chances of me REALLY completing this thing?? I mean, can I REALLY complete a TRIATHLON?! Me?? I can barely run, I am new to swimming and I don't even own a bike yet. I really don't know where this mental strength comes from, but I really believe that I can. I believe that I can with every fiber of my being. I believe I can just because I want to and if I want anything bad enough and it's in my power to do, then I will. It's simple. I will train hard and pray hard for no injuries or illnesses. I will do my part to stay healthy and follow the advice of the pros. I can do it and I will.

So to that little voice in the back of my head that keeps asking, "what are the chances?", I tell it that I have just as strong of a chance as the next man and woman. Never mind the fact that I have a few things to work on. I know that many let some disadvantages hold them back, but not the kid! The chances are good as hell! I will be a Triathlete in 2010 and beyond!
Team Tri Becca

Filtering through the Triathlon lingo

Okay, there is a lot to get up to speed on in this world of "All Things Triathlon"

First things first: A Triathlon consists of 3 legs of exercise: Swim, Bike and Run. They are always in that order. Now the things that do change are the distances.

The shortest distance Triathlon is the Sprint, then the Olympic, Half Ironman and finally the Ironman. The distances vary among each type, but not so much. Here's the general breakdown:

Sprint distance Triathlon:
.5 mile swim, 15 mile bike, 3.1 mile run

Olympic distance Triathlon:
.9 mile swim, 24 mile ride, 6.2 mile run

Half Ironman:
1.2 mile swim, 56 mile ride, 13.1 mile run

2.4 mile swim, 112 mile ride, and a marathon: 26.2 run

Orientation and Informational

Today I attended the Orientation for the DC Tri NTP program. I was extremely excited to be among the selected for this program! I have to admit that I did get a little overwhelmed when they started talking about bikes and pedals... They might as well have been up there saying YADAYADAYADA... because that is what it sounded like to me. I have full confidence that I will get up to speed in due time, so no worries.

I left the Orientation, grabbed some lunch and coffee and headed to the Tri Unify informational. It was a more intimate group and I had a completely different experience than I did when I went to the DC Tri informational last week. I got a few looks that made me second guess myself a bit. The looks and second guessing came after revealing that I don't know how to swim or own a bike. I had to "buck" myself up a little to get through this mentally, but all will be well. I'm convinced!!

The DC Tri NTP training program starts on Monday with the goal race being June 20th. I haven't yet decided if I will do the Sprint or the Olympic distance on that date yet. I have decided that I will do my very best to follow the Olympic distance training schedule, because it would be nice to be over trained for the Sprint distance. The Tri Unify training program starts on February 15th with the goal race being May 9th. I will start tomorrow to train for both! Wish me luck....