Saturday, May 29, 2010

Burned out?

I started this trek towards becoming a Triathlete in late January. Most of the time has passed with me learning to swim, get used to staying vertical on my bike and very little time running. I guess it's because I have been at this for so long that I am starting to feel a little burned out. I have found myself just not feeling like training. I never used to not feel like training. Something that probably has me a little disinterested is the fact that although I am doing so much more than I ever could, the shyt is still hard. I know that it's hard even for those that have done this before and the fact that I am extraordinary for even setting out to accomplish a goal like this, but the shyt is still hard. If anything, I need to be picking it up and getting stronger and increasing my endurance even more in these last few weeks. I am very grateful that my call for help to my friends was very well received. I know that no one wants to see me quit while I am so close.

Quitting has not come to mind, but the fact that I am getting burned out is a little concerning. I took a needed break this week on Tuesday to prepare for the arrival of my niece and then again today (Friday). This morning I simply did not feel like getting up for an early bike ride. I wrote to Tania to cancel the ride and went back to sleep for 2 hours! I felt so well rested when I awakened. I think that my body needed a rest! I have a pretty jam packed training weekend and I will take up every one's offer to train with me next week.  I will run with Yolanda tomorrow morning and swim in Lake Reston with Mei Mei in the afternoon.On Sunday I will be taking a long bike ride with Tania and friends. Monday the plan is to swim at the Wilson pool (if it's open) and then run with Tania. I plan to run a whole lot more after this June 20th race. I am a little disturbed (well very disturbed, actually) that I still don't like the way my body looks after all of this training! I know that running will help to fix it along with Pilates and some other things. I think that me not seeing physical results is leading to my disinterest with training too.

Next Saturday is a training Triathlon at Hains Point with my training group. The swim is in a pool and it's 400 meters, the bike ride is 17.5 miles and the run is 3 miles. My goal is to increase my comfortability with swimming laps this week and by next Saturday, I will be able to swim the distance with ease!

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