Saturday, June 5, 2010

Triathlon Bound!

Today I completed a training Triathlon with Tri Unify. I started out with the DC Tri Club, but they had to cancel the swim portion of the race and  changed it into a Duathlon of Run 3 miles + Bike 16.5 miles + Run 3 miles.  I wasn't interested in doing that and got 2 others to agree to go to the Tri Unify event with me at Sandy Point. This was a better event anyway, because the swim was in the Chesapeake Bay instead of the pool like planned with the DC Tri Club event. I did not have my wetsuit with me, as I wasn't prepared to swim in the bay when I left the house, but I went anyway. The water felt good, but it was much harder to swim without a wetsuit!

In total today we swam ~800 meters in the Bay (the distance of my race on June 20th) + biked 15 miles (my goal race is 16.5 miles and without the hills that we biked today) + ran for 30 minutes (I was pooped and hot, so I walked most of the way). It was a good thing that we had a guy back at the tent grilling, because we were STARVED when we got back.

I felt REALLY good about myself after doing this training Triathlon. I am even more confident that I will be getting a metal at the finish line of the DC Triathlon  in 14 days!!!!!

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